Who We are

Maxim Group is a recognized industry leader in the field of exterior building restoration. Our strength lies in the competence, accountability and experience of our work force and our long-term relationships with our clients, consultants, governing bodies and associates.

In business since 1971, Maxim group is a Canadian owned and operated trailblazer in exterior building restoration and associated general contracting.

Maxim Group has grown to be one of the largest exterior building restoration organizations in Canada through our cooperative and flexible approach to projects, which we customize depending on the client. We enjoy success due to our innovation in methodology and the ongoing diversification of our resources.

Maxim Group projects are undertaken by the Maxim Group work force. We consistently reinvest in our work force to ensure our client’s investments are cared for efficiently, effectively and thoroughly now and far into the future.

We hold more than 44 years of experience as a corporation, more than 80 years of management expertise and countless hundreds of years of cumulative hands-on experience in projects undertaken between the Greater Toronto Area, Calgary, Halifax and the Vancouver area.

Maxim has been operating in Alberta and British Columbia since 2006. In order to maintain a high level of skills on the worksite we use local labour in combination with our relocated experienced labour pool. Liability and bonding insurance are available and we can provide a level of bonding for those unique projects requiring a recognized Contractor. The majority of our work is done through Building Science Engineering Firms but we can provide recommendations and specifications on request.

What we offer

Our expertise is commissioned for a wide range of projects including high-rises and low-rises, public, institutional and residential buildings and sructures.

From the alteration and restoration to stone and steel column retro fit or ornamental iron and sheet metal replacement, and mortar stone repair, we are prepared to undertake complete restorations of historically valuable exteriors.

We also specialize in hydrodemolition, a computer-controlled high-pressure water jetting process, which selectively removes damaged or poor concrete. Hydrodemolition offers many advantages over traditional methods: consistent reliable results, total removal of delaminated concrete, no damage to sound concrete, no impact, no vibrations, and no dust. A fast and effective method, hydrodemolition offers excellent results and is far superior to concrete demolition methods such as jackhammers and milling machines.

Other services include: High-rise restoration, waterproofing, historical masonry, exterior wall and window replacement, structural repair of balconies and garage decks, E.I.F.S. replacement and specialty coatings. Maxim also specializes in masonry, stone work, coating and cleaning, painting, waterproofing, building inspection, historical buildings, windows, curtain walls, foundations, caulking, structural steel upgrades, and more.

For more detailed information on past restoration and general contracting projects please contact us.