Maxim Group is a Q.A.P licensed contractor. Exterior Insulated Finish System is a popular economical and aesthetically pleasing wall cladding system.

Maxim Group undertakes E.I.F.S. work to remedy and prevent moisture penetration and to protect and improve the aesthetics of client’s buildings through means other than potentially costly existing veneer repairs.

There exist limitless options with respect to textures, colours, architectural details and systems within the E.I.F.S. product lines. Common materials and systems include flexible cementitious base and finish coats, texture coats, fibre mesh, rigid insulations, coatings and textures.


Maxim Group undertakes glazing repairs to remedy and prevent moisture penetration and drainage issues and isolated system failures resulting from system deterioration, structural shifting and poor design.

Glazing repairs involve removal and replacement or modification of glazing components including insulated glass units, non-insulated glass, operable and non-operable window systems, butyl seals, extruded plastic seals, window stops, metal flashings, gun grade sealants, curtain wall pressure plate and cover cap systems, thermal isolation, drainage channels, system compartmentalization components and stainless steel fastenings.

Common materials include butyl shim and non-shimmed tapes, extruded plastic seals, tempered glass laminated glass, tinted and filmed glass, extruded aluminum components, silicone sealants, poly-sulphide sealants, urethane sealants and stainless steel fastenings.


Maxim Group undertakes caulking work to prevent moisture infiltration through cracks and building envelope seams. Caulking is a broad term, which describes the installation or replacement of flexible and in certain situations, non-flexible sealants in construction joints.

Construction joints include the interfaces of dissimilar materials, seams within assemblies and concrete pours, expansion/movement joints and control joints.

Common materials used in caulking work include sealants composed of: silicone, single component urethanes, polyurethanes, polysulphides, latexes, bituminous components, thermoplastics and butyls.